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Fly Hooks

Hooks for Fly tying by 4Trouts. Made in South Korea. 

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Fly hooks 4Trouts X-Brill Streamer #1092
4Trouts X-Brill Streamer #1092 fly hook has like a brill bend, short shank and 1x ..
Fly hooks 4Trouts X-Short Sreamer #9111
4Trouts X-Short Sreamer #9111 fly hook Uses in short-sizes streamers for perc..
Salmon fly hooks 4Trouts Blue Charm  #590-U
Salmon fly hooks 4Trouts Blue Charm  #590-U good  hooks blue color for salmon..
Salmon fly hooks 4Trouts Golden Killer #590-G
Salmon fly hooks 4Trouts Golden Killer #590-G good  hooks golden color for salmon&..
Salmon fly hooks 4Trouts Green Highlander #590-H
Salmon fly hooks 4Trouts Green Highlander #590-H good  hooks green color for ..
Salmon fly hooks 4Trouts Salmon Classic #590-C
Salmon fly hooks 4Trouts Salmon Classic #590-C good  hooks uses for classik salmon..
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