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Synthetic Materials (fibers and silk) for fly tying by 4Trouts. All kinds of materials produced in the EU and the U.S.

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Antron Yarn "Wing-n-Tail"
"Wing-n-Tail" by 4Trouts is bright and float high visibility Antron Yarn.  ..
Base Body, pseudo muddler wool
Streamer material 4Trouts Base Body.  Sometimes named as "Pseudo muddler wool", a ..
Bright synthetic "Fluoro Fibre"
"Fluoro Fibre" by 4Trouts is nice synthetic fiber lights up in the water. A great material to add..
Flat tinsel "Flashabou Minnow"
Ultra think flat tinsel "Flashabou Minnow" by 4Trouts is a very popular material for streame..
Indicator Yarn Aero Fly Silk
Aero Fly Silk by 4Trouts is bright and float high visibility Indicator Yarn  ..
Krystal Flash
round-spin tinsel "Krystal Flash" by 4Trouts is a very popular material for streamer wings and ta..
Polypro Yarn "Wing-n-Tail"
"Wing-n-Tail" by 4Trouts is bright and float high visibility Polypro Yarn.  ..
Streamer fiber "Taily Silk"
"Taily Silk" by 4Trouts is stright and very flexible Streamer fiber like a human hair ..
Streamer fibre "Ice Silk"
 "Ice Silk" by 4Trouts  is a long straight very "iced-sparkling" fiber that will a..
Streamer fibre "Polar Silk"
Polar Silk by 4Trouts is a great substitute for any streamer tied with original Bucktail. It’s mo..
Streamer fibre "River Silk"
The ultimate synthetic substitute for marabou. A natural taper is achieved by pulling the fibers ..
Streamer fine fibre "Foxy Silk"
"Foxy Silk" soft fine fibre by 4Trouts. Best wing and tail material for streamers. Can use on par..
Streamer luminescent fibre "Lumi Silk"
Streamer luminescent fibre "Lumi Silk" by 4Trouts makes a great luminiscent wing on pike and..
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